July 11, 2009

So excited :)

Today, Dad is taking me to drive his stick shift. I need to learn, because the car I'm getting is a stick shift. :) But after we get done cleaning around the house, we're gonna go find a parking lot for me to practice in. Even tho it's technically illegal for me to drive out here....haha. Oh well. :)
Oh, and once I get a good picture of my car, I'll put it up here. It's awesome. :) It's a black Mazda RX7, 1983, 2 seater. My grandfather here in California is giving it to me as my birthday present. He is gonna drive it out to Jersey for me and everything. He is having the paint redone and everything too.
I love being the oldest grandchild. And that I said that I wanted it. :)

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Denise @ Sunflowers, Chocolate and Little Boys said...

Thats awesome!!! Cant wait to see it when it comes to jersey.

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