July 17, 2009

DIG 28 I think it is

Today was a MUCH better day than yesterday was. So, here is my Day in Grace for Day 28 (I think)

1) Today was a day revolving around robotics. LOL Webchat all day with the team from about 12:30 this afternoon until about 5:30. Which was really fun.

2) Laughter filled a good chunk of my day (thanks to robotics nerds. hehe)

3) My dad took us out to dinner (pizza) before we saw a movie.

4) We saw The Lost Boys tonight at one of the movie theaters.

Yes, this movie is OLD. Like, from the 80's old I think. lol But, it's an amazing movie, and the movie theater we saw it at is doing a Flashback series of old movies. And while this movie is awesome to see in the comfort of your own home, it is even better in theaters.

5) We saw the movie with a bunch of my dad's friends. Alot of which have grown somewhat close to us in the 3 and a half weeks we've been here and they've been super nice to me and Shannon.

So, there's my DIG. Tho, I'm wanting to add an extra one...So, I'm going to. :)

EXTRA THING OF GRACE: I got lots of robotics work done today. Like, rough copies of paperwork that is needed for the fair we are doing and some office type things like planning who is taking what job for the publicity sub team. And it felt so much better that when I sent the things to the sub team mentor (my aunt) to look over to make sure it all looked right, she only said to make one change....Take out a coma in a sentence. I was sooo happy I didn't have to do lots of work. Soon all the things are going to be sent to the team leader for her to check, so this should be good. :)

I hope everybody had a great day today! I'm looking forward to tomorrow since we're going to possibly be hanging out with my dad's friends again at the boardwalk and he and I are going to get my work permit hopefully. :)

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Tonya said...

I LOVE Lost Boys! I actually just caught it on TV a few weeks ago!

Collin told me to tell you I love your blog blackground. We are suppose to be packing, but reading your blog is so much more interesting! LOL

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