July 24, 2009

Friday Fill In's :)

*For anybody that notices the time this is posted and when I said I was going to be working today, I will have you know that I purposely scheduled this to be posted at 6PM ish or so EST. Which means I'm at work when this is posted. So that will also explain my later answers haha*

1. Losing a loved one is not the end of the world.

2. Sitting here, listening to the sound of rain falling, I wish the rain was actually falling here in California. Stupid dry season..

3. Dark chocolate tastes so good!

4. Sometimes, putting others first is what causes me to not feel good (I do it all the time and always put myself last....not turning out so great for me right now).

5. Holding a newborn is breathtaking, really. Not my own, but others hahaha just had to clarify that for anybody that wasn't sure lol

6. Well, maybe there is going to be a time with my parents get along without constant fighting. Or maybe I'm just a wishful dreamer. Yea, that is more likely.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to getting a nice warm shower to get rid of the nasty cooking grease smell, tomorrow my plans include going up to Marin to maybe see my friend Sophie...or maybe to hang out with my dad's girlfriend....that sounds pretty fun actually and Sunday, I want to not work until 8....tho I think that's exactly when I'm working until!

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