July 10, 2009

Quick ranting....

I've been pretty good about my ranting posts. Tho, not so good about actually posting this month. So, it's time for a ranting post. Or, a small ranting post. haha If you don't wanna suffer through it, don't read it. :)
It just so happens to be about things here in California....Like always, I will not put names.

I love him to death. I really do. But, he doesn't always think about things. Like how there are 3 different zip codes that could be used for this one post office box. So, he gives me the box number, but not the zip code for said box. Thank god the person who I was giving it to knows what zip code could be used for the street that his office is at. I might just try to kill him tho if things don't work out.

These two loving people really need to get their acts together. Cuz I'm getting dragged into the middle of something that I really don't want to be in the middle of. She didn't think things through before she told him. He jumped the gun and told another person before he should have. And that other person called me not so happy about it, and ended up crying about it, just before they got another call. One thing led to another, and I am stuck with crying people all over, and frustrated people and I can't handle it anymore!!!! Thank god that things have started to settle down. But, the two loving people needed to think things through before opening their mouths up.

Ok, that's it for the ranting for now. I ranted about two things that were really bothering me, and now I feel better. Like always, sorry about the cryptic rant....I can't say who or what each rant is about. Even cryptically, it helped get things off my chest.
Thanks for putting up with this if you actually read it. :)

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