July 12, 2009

DIG 27

Finally doing another DIG....Wow...I've gotten WAYY behind on these....lol Ok, here's at it. lol

1) My dad taught me how to drive stick shift today!!! I still need LOTS of practice at it, but at least now I kinda know how to drive a stick lol

2) We started to clean up the house a little bit. Like, all three of us pitched in. Totally different than what I'm used to at Mom's house....

3) I got some good 1-on-1 time with my dad. That doesn't get to happen very often when we're out there, but between driving with him and the time we were spending together while watching the Harry Potter marathon on ABC Family tonight, we actually got that time together :)

4) I got to drive today :D lol yes, I know that I said above that I learned to drive stick....BUT, I haven't driven in exactly 3 weeks. So, I'm soooo glad I got to drive again today!!!

5) This one is good and sad at the same time....I saw pictures of my gorgeous little girls today....

Nathalia Rose....

And her little sister Adelyn Noelle. (ignore my mom please in the above picture LOL couldn't find a picture of just her haha)
Well, seeing the pics from Nat at the beach with her mom and stepdad and then seeing the picture of Adelyn sleeping on Jeremy's chest made me soooo happy cuz I love those girls sooooo much. But at the same time, seeing them also made me so sad. Cuz I miss them just as much as I love them. Like, I was watching this commercial on TV about toddlers and how they need good food to energize them. Well, that had me thinking about how Nat will just go outside and run around with my dogs and then when she gets tired, she'll crawl up on my lap and watch Noggin (So glad we have OnDemand LOL). Which made me miss her like crazy. And then I thought about her sister. And how adorable she is and how she already would look up at me and smile. Or, it looked like a smile to me haha. Tomorrow she will be 5 weeks old. And she is just so too cute.
Gah....I'm making myself miss my two girls even more!!!! I'm gonna stop before I cry! haha

Hope your day was good! :)

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