July 13, 2009

Blog Hop! 3 Things you don't know about me

3 things you don't know about me....

1) I absolutely LOVE going to see live bands with my mom. She always gets tickets to awesome concerts, and always takes me if it's not a 21+ show and she has an extra ticket. Or, when it's my birthday and she gets tickets to see my favorite band (Cowboy Mouth!!). The picture below is from when we saw my other favorite band from New Orleans, Better Than Ezra. Their song "Juicy" was on the radio for a while when the album first came out.

(don't pay attention to the fact that her eyes are closed...that is a frequent thing with her. haha)

2) I am a total robotics nerd. Ok, you may have actually figured that out, BUT even when it's not competition season or build season (A.K.A. right now), I am CONSTANTLY doing things for robotics. Like, looking things up to save us money, fundraising, and recruiting. And even though I'm out in California visiting my dad right now, every Tuesday and Thursday I jump on my sister's computer to do a video chat with the team while they are in the workshop.
Below in a picture from our first regional in Rochester, NY. It was everybody on our team who was in the pit. Minus the driver since she was taking the picture. So, we have our main drive team (minus Shelby) and our back up drive team and our coach, Mr. Hinde. I don't feel like naming everybody...it would just take too long. :)

3) I'm pretty messy for a Virgo. Tho, not as messy as my dad...(he just made the cut-off for Virgos). They say that Virgos are supposed to be neat and tidy, right? Well, obviously they don't know me and my dad haha we can have things all over the house in the most random places. But, we can always find the stuff we need, when we need it. Or, almost always.

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Loved your 3 get to know yas! Come blog hop over to see me! I"m #328 today!!!

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