February 25, 2009

An actually good day :)

School was kinda boring today, yes. It always is. But, after school was better :)
We had a quick meeting about the GT trip on Friday to the Franklin Institute. Collin was supposed to be going with me, but since he has tests that day, he's not going. Oh well. Hopefully I'm with somebody I can stand. lol
And then we had our DuPont meet against the staff members.....

there are the majority the students on our team.....Yea, we lost. Big time. Urg. Well, you win some, you lose some. I guess. lol

Once that got done, Collin and I went to Applebee's to meet Jen there cuz she wanted to celebrate me getting on drive team and Collin making back up driver. :) It was a really good meal, and of course, we got dessert afterwards :) We each had one of those shooters, the chocolate mousee ones. Jen said there was too much chocolate. I looked at her like she was crazy. LOL Tho, I couldn't finish hers AND mine off....lol Oh well. :)
After that, we went to Fashion Bug against Collin's protests. He was not happy to be there cuz Jen and I were taking forever. lol :) that and he was stuck in the bra section. LOL Which again, made him go crazy. I picked out a pair of jeans I liked, and Jen paid for them, which was soooo sweet of her. I think I thanked her about a million times. Cuz we took longer than we expected at Applebee's and then also at Fashion Bug, we left there later than we meant to. lol Time flies when you're talking! :)
Collin drove me home after that and he wanted to play with Google

Look! He's kinda smiling! lol Google was biting his hands and arms, which makes him laugh like crazy. We're going to video tape Googly biting Collin one day to show Mr. Hinde that yes, Collin DOES smile and DOES laugh. LOL :)
He ended up staying here later than he probably should have. Like, he left here around 7:20 ish......Which was not good. Hopefully he doesn't get in trouble!
It was a fun day after school got done. Thank god. :) and I can't wait to wear my new jeans tomorrow! lol :) Jen, if you're reading this....THANK YOU AGAIN!!!! <3

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