February 22, 2009


Today was definitely a good day. It really made up for the crappy days I've been having lately. Which is really good.

At around 2 ish, Collin picked me up and we went to go get milk cuz he was going to be making dinner. He was making chicken alfredo and I got to help him. I wasn't the best help, but I did my part. lol Pretty much, I grated the cheese and stirred things when he told me to. Oh, and I put the olive oil in the pan for the chicken. lol I really didn't do much. Tho he apparently went all out cuz I was there. :) So, we had pasta too. He wasn't too happy cuz the sauce started to seperate, but Fred managed to salvage it for the most part. I thought dinner was really good :)

When I got home, Collin and I talked to my mom for a while. It was pretty funny. Like, it was totally random things we were talking about. lol Which made it the best. lol or, kinda the best. lol not really. Oh well. :)

My mom, sister, and I then went over to my grandparents' house where we had spaghetti. So, I ended up with two delicious dinners. I ate more at Collin's than I did of my mom's spaghetti. lol :)

and now I'm home, waiting for Big Love to come on. Once it comes on, I'm gonna be so happy. I'm now hooked on the show....What fun :) lol

I'm also contemplating if I should start the thing that Denise does, the Day of Grace. I dunno tho. Still thinking about it. It'll give me something to do....So, I dunno yet.

Hope everybody has a great night!!! :)


Tonya said...

I felt bad that dinner didn't work out exactly how Collin had planned. His alfredo is usually far superior to any resturants..it is that good! He was probably rushing so he didn't have to spend the whole time cooking. I am glad that you were understanding, I know he was disappointed. (-:

He said that he enjoyed talking to your mom...he was telling me all about it when he got home. He was happy when he got home so I am glad he didn't dwell on the dinner diaster. LOL

I totally think you should do the Days of Grace. I think it is a great way to remember the positive of the day, and let the negative go...just my unsolicted thought on the matter. (-;

Tonya said...

Oh and BIG LOVE Rocks!!!!

Fred and I both watch it!! We missed it tonight cause Meeper was yammering on the phone, but I'll catch up tomorrow with on demand.

Denise @ Sunflowers, Chocolate and Little Boys said...

Sounds like a great day!

(and yes, Days of Grace would be great for you....it makes you look at your life from a more positive view)

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