February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day! :)

Happy Valentine's Day everybody!!! :) I hope that everybody has a Valentine and gets something sweet from them. I still have to fold the card up that I made Collin this morning. :)

So, since it's Valentine's Day, I decided that I had to celebrate. Especially since this is the first year where I've been around my Valentine all day long. It would have been slightly better if we had school today, but whatever. Looks like the people at robotics are going to suffer. LOL

I wanted to wear pink or red today, so I searched my room for a pink or red shirt. Pretty hard to do actually. I finally found my pink Tinkerbell shirt that I got for my birthday last year. The majority of it is pink, so I decided it would work.

I decided to do something with my hair. I've always wanted to put ribbon in my hair, but I've never had the patience/time/event to put it in my hair. Until today. :) I grabbed 2 bobby pins, red ribbon, and the scissors. I cut two strips of ribbon so they would go from about above my ears past my pony tail. Once I had cut them, I made them curly in that special way you can, and stuck about the middle point of each ribbon through a bobby pin. Then I put the bobby pins in my hair at about where my ear is. Then once I had those in my hair, I grabbed my pink scrunchie, and put that overtop of the hair tye I already had in my hair. I made sure that the ribbon I had just put in my hair was in there too. Then I cut a few more strips of ribbon, curled them, and stuck them just plain through my scrunchie at about the midpoint of the ribbons. This is what it looked like:

I kinda got a crappy picture of it lol here is one with me in the picture lol

Eh, a little bit of a better shot lol

Happy Valentine's Day!

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