February 1, 2009

Rock band =]

After church today, Collin picked me up, and we went to his house to hang out. He had been telling me all week that when I was over there next, we were gonna play Rock Band. I kept telling him he was insane, and that I wasn't gonna play. Well, as it turns out, he won. lol

Of course, he was messing with my camera while I was playing. (Ally had practically emptied my purse while Collin was playing. So, the contents of my purse were all over my lap and his since she had been sitting on my lap lol) And he took a picture of what the screen was showing while I was playing the guitar....I was doing...Ok? lol

While Collin was playing one of the songs, I was taking pictures...One of them happened to be of Tonya singing and Michael playing the drums. =]

Does anybody else see the sippy cup in Collin's arm?? Yepp. Allyson decided that she didn't want to hold it while she was sitting on my lap ransacking my purse. And I didn't feel like holding it either. So, her drink went in the crook of Collin's arm while he was playing. =]

Evil Collin took a picture of me playing. LOL I was learning how to do everything while playing with Michael. The first few songs Collin was physically helping me. But then he left me to fend for myself. At least Ally wasn't in my lap at that point. Yes, she jumped in my lap a few times while I was playing. It was hard at times. Cuz I would be playing, and then all of a sudden she tried to climb into my lap, so I had to move the guitar so she could sit down. then, a few seconds later, she wanted to run around again. Crazy little girl!! :)
She also was hiding my shoes....I was literally chasing her around the bottom floor trying to get my shoes back from her. She was laughing her butt off too. Collin was handing her my shoes, and so was Michael. Only way Collin would protect my shoes was if I played Rock Band. So, I did....And I'm glad I did. =]

Oh, I almost forgot! Joe's Pizza Shop in Woodstown donated $25 to the robotics team. =] We're sooo happy about that. Ciero is so sweet to us, and knows my aunt well. And she had asked about the possibility of him donating money a few days ago. He had said that if we go in there and hand him the letter, he'd donate money. So, we went there today (before I left for Collin's house) and he wrote a check for $25. We're maybe closer to going to Nationals this year? Hope so!!!


Tonya said...

You didn't even notice my brand new "homemade" curtains ...
...and you could have photoshopped me out of the picture so you can't see our laundry drying by the pellet stove..LMAO.

I'll rock with you anytime Sam!!! LOL

Denise said...

I didnt even notice the laundry until Tonya said it....lol

Samkay said...

Yea, I didn't notice it either until she said it haha

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