February 15, 2009

Oh joy

This morning was good. I got to robotics, and Collin handed me the key to the Durango saying "Passenger side door. Careful when you open it." Once I was done eating my breakfast, I went out to the Durango and opened the door. What I saw was...

A dozen roses :) My mom gave me the key to her car, and I put my roses in there. I was so surprised to see them! I couldn't stop smiling tho.

Then things started to go downhill. All the students stayed away from the workshop, and for good reason too. The mentors were pissed. The robot wasn't working right. We almost didn't go to MOE's field either. =/ Finally, they got it fixed...Or, so they thought. But, during that time, Tonya, Fred, and Ally came cuz they were gonna go with us to Delaware. Well, Tonya was helping us with arts and crafts. lol Fred and Ally were walking around kinda, and then they went to Pedricktown to his grandparents.

Finally we got to MOE's field. Everything was semi-fine until Mr. Hinde told me to drive. Things started really messing up at that point, and when the robot started to run again, the key thing fell out of the gear box. Mr. Hinde thought that I was doing something wrong tho, so he started yelling kinda. Which caused me to start crying. I tried so hard to hide it too =/ Finally I stopped crying, but by that point they figured out what was wrong and we were packing up. Collin, Shannon and I brought the robot back outside to my uncle's truck. At first I was trying to help Collin put the robot into the bed of the truck, but I can't lift 117 lbs, or however much that robot weighs. It weighs more than me! And I can barely do push ups! lol So, Shannon helped with my side of the robot. We went back in, and Ally made stupid remarks.

We left, the majority of us pissed. At least the mentors haven't picked anybody to be drive team. Mom is gonna sit down and talk to Mr. Hinde and Mrs. Danner soon tho. And I think Tonya is gonna help my mom with that? All I know is that the two mentors are NOT gonna like Mom for alil while.

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