February 26, 2009

Day in Grace...Part 3

Wow....Thinking about what I'm gonna write each day throughout the day really helps me think of the brighter side of things :)

1) Finding my dog after he decided to run away this morning.

2) Having an easy night at robotics tonight.

3) Knowing that I have until Monday to do all my assignments that are due tomorrow (I love Gifted and Talented trips lol)

4) Having Shannon work tonight, meaning she gets done working at 10. LOL No Shannon to deal with tonight! :)

5) Knowing I can trust people with my deepest secrets :)

Sorry, but I am only posting that for tonight....My cramps are killing me, and I'm about to go take 2 advil to curb my pain. Urg. Hate being a girl sometimes. I wish cramps would just go away! urg! Tomorrow is gonna suck in a way cuz I'm riding a bus at least 3 times, which means bounces....Which means more pain cuz of cramps. !@#$

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