February 22, 2009

Robotics tiaras

This year for robotics competitions, our team is going all out. We're making lanyards, orbit balls, and buttons to hand out to people. We're making those things you see with a school team on it or whatever. Like, they're the triangle things and sometimes they'll say "Go Proofs!" or whatever. lol So, we're making some of those to boost our spirit. Another thing we're doing is just for the girls. We're making LuNaTeCs princess tiaras

They started out white. My mom had gotten them at Michael's and we also got teal glitter paint and those sponge brushes. And we got sticky letters and sticky space stickers. Which are going on the tiaras AND the banner things we're making.

This morning I painted the tiaras. I sat on my kitchen floor with one of those paper table cloths under the tiaras and just painted. We discovered that one layer of this paint isn't enough cuz it's more of a glitter paint which is never that noticable if you've ever worked with it. So, once I got done the first layer on the 3 tiaras we have, I did a second layer. It was actually pretty hard working on them with a year old kitten who wants to play with the paper cuz it makes noise lol

We still have to get two more tiaras because we learned on Thursday that every girl on our team wanted to wear one. We were thinking that somebody wouldn't want to wear one or something. Yea, we were wrong. So, today when my mom and grandmom got out today while I'm at Collin's, they are going to pick up at least two more. This year the girls on our team are gonna look awesome....Braids with pipe cleaners in them and the spacey tiaras. LOL Can't wait at all :)

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Denise @ Sunflowers, Chocolate and Little Boys said...

I think it will look great....the braids and tiaras. And Im really glad that the boys wont be wearing them, lol

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