February 16, 2009

Build season is done!

Everybody, sing it with me: BUILD SEASON IS DONE! BUILD SEASON IS DONE! :)

We ship out our robot tomorrow. We still don't have a drive team picked out yet, but, hopefully that will be done by Thursday.

We practiced out our sister team's field yesterday. Tonya, Fred, and Ally joined us. We ended up leaving an hour or so after we had planned, so Tonya helped with crafts while Ally was just being her cute self and running all over the place. lol My mom gave her the task of helping her carry the orbit balls from the "homework room" to the workshop.

She looked so fricken cute! lol by the last few balls, she had Fred help them bring the orbit balls in.

While all this was going on, we were all still working on crafts. Some of us were making smaller orbit balls and others of us were making lanyards.

Collin was making an orbit ball while I was starting the lanyards....We got really, really bored and frustrated working on the orbit balls lol I made one, and it SUCKED!!! lol

We all had fun at MOE's field. Laughing and just being ourselves :)

I'm hoping that I'm on drive team. I'll find out Thursday hopefully!!! :)


Tonya said...

I'll do crafts with you anytime!!

We enjoyed watching the robot, its great to see all the hard work and stress paying off!

Allyson was so thrilled to finally be at "robotics". She hears it all the time, and was so excited we got to come. On the way home, we ended up behind the truck with the robot in it, and she starts shouting and laughing..ITS THE ROBOT..ITS THE ROBOT! So maybe we'll be able to hang longer at competitions this year if she enjoys it all the more! (-:

Denise @ Sunflowers, Chocolate and Little Boys said...

Im so happy for you guys that build season is over....now you can relax a little. And I LOVE the pic of Collin, he looks sooooo happy, rofl.

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