February 15, 2009


As everybody knows, yesterday was Valentine's Day. I hope everybody had an awesome Valentine's day. Mine was ok for the most part. I was at robotics all day yesterday. I did get to see Collin yesterday, which made me happier than ever. We also didn't totally listen to Mom and Tonya telling us to stay far away from eachother. Sorry Tonya. lol We didn't talk much until about lunch time, and that's about when Matt Fordham and his dad walked out. I hate it when the mentors fight!

So, by that time, all the students needed to get out of the building. We walked around the campus 2 times at least and once we all got back into the building, we learned that the mentors started to take apart the robot. So, we went into "the homework room" and did arts and crafts.

Collin made me an orbit ball in my favorite colors :) I had asked Ally to make me a black and purple orbit ball and my mom had asked her to make an orange and blue. Well, Collin heard me ask for the black and purple, so he made me one. He says it looks like crap. But, I don't think it does. When I realized that he was making it for me, I got all warm with happiness. He had been saying earlier that he felt bad cuz he couldn't get me a rose without running late. While a rose would have been cool, this means so much more to me. Mr. Weick had even said on Friday that his wife loves it more when he makes her something. Guess I'm like Mrs. Weick! lol :)

In a few minutes, I'm gonna go dry my hair and then we're off to drop Shannon off at church


Tonya said...

Your mom said you and Collin were good yesterday so as long as your togetherness wasn't over the top, I am fine with it. You two know how to act...we have faith in you. (-:

And I love the orbit ball...I think the little things mean ALOT! Valentines day is so commercialized, and shouldn't they be appreciating us all year round??..I THINK SO!! LOL

Denise said...

Im glad things were easier on you two yesterday :-) nothing beats new drama to make people forget the old drama.

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