February 6, 2009


What can I come up with that happened today??

Well, we had school. Today was my first day of having Honors US History 1. I'm sooo happy to be in it. Cerrito does give lots of homework each night I've learned tho. Like, we have to do an outline a night for her. But hey, at least that means I'm gonna learn something, right? Third block was a mess cuz Denby didn't quite understand that I had switched a class which therefore changed me from having her 1 block to having her 3 block. Mrs. Burke said she was gonna email my teachers about that too. Urg......Oh well. Finally got it worked out....I hate changing for gym sometimes tho lol
We had a pep rally today too. It was boring, and Rachel and I were sitting up at the top of the bleachers texting people and making fun of the cheerleaders. Wrong of us, I know. But still. We needed something to do. *Angelic* And afterall, I'm only 16 lol
After that, Collin and I drove to his house where we hung out for alil while. At around 6 ish, we left for Shelby's cuz I was about ready to kill Michael (Sorry Tonya. He was just driving me insane. PMS is evil to me). Since we were gonna be REALLY early, Collin kinda drove around for a few minutes. We ended up getting there about 5 minutes early, but that didn't really matter. Christian got there a few minutes later. So, our meeting was officially started lol Mikey and Mark came as well. So, it was me, Collin, Shelby, Ally, Christian, Mikey, and Mark. We strategized because we want to practice tomorrow. Mr. Hinde will end up getting a copy of the strategy from at least us 7 people and probably others as well. :) All cuz we love Mr. Hinde! lol
Collin and I ended up getting so wrapped into the meeting (or, at least I did) that we realized at alil past 8 that we had to go in order to get the Durango back to Fred by 9 for him to go to work. We quickly got out of there and quickly went to get gas. We ended up getting back to my house around 8:40 ish which meant that there was no way (other than speeding, which Collin knows he can't do) for Collin to get the Durango back by 9. So, I jumped out of the car, told Collin I would see him tomorrow, and he was off.
So, that's all that has happened today. Oh, minus the fact that Ally was running around with my shoes today. I've learned that I really shouldn't take my shoes off while I'm over there....Yet I still take them off....lol :) It's fun chasing her around the downstairs trying to get my shoes. Tho, Michael was getting annoying during that...Obviously that's why I was ready to kill him Tonya lol don't worry tho. He didn't get hurt.

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