February 4, 2009

Snow Day!!! :)

Today is the second snow day of the 2009 year!!! :) I'm soooo happy about that too. Last time it was more icy than it is today, so it was more of an ice day. lol But this time, oh, yea, it's the good stuff. Like, the snow that is perfect to make snowballs in and stuff. So, once I got outta the shower and dressed, what did I do? Yupp, I went out and played in the snow. :)

And of course, my little dogs had to come with us! They love playing in the snow. That and the leaves. They bark at us when we shovel the snow or when we rake up leaves. Jenny loves to eat the snow while Cody almost tries to bite it lol It's fun to watch them play in the snow :)

The wind was blowing while I was out there. Causing the snow to blow off of everything. Hopefully the wind from the field behind my house will cause snow dunes in my backyard. It's sooo fun to watch the dogs try to go through the snow dunes :)

There is my little princess. She gets tired playing in the snow and leaves and just plain running around and playing with her brother. So, when that happens, she just plops down on the ground, no matter what is there. She could be in leaves, snow, or nothing. She just will plop down and look at us with her big eyes like "Hi....Am I doing something wrong by laying here?" She's such a little cutie :)

My Cody bear!!! lol He usually is jumping at us trying to eat the snow out of the shovel. I'm guessing he was licking the snow/ice off of the fur on his paws? lol

I took many pictures of myself today cuz I was bored while shoveling the snow. But, this was the best picture. Unfortunately, I was only able to shovel snow before my fingers and toes started to freeze. So, I couldn't play in the snow with my doggies as much as I wanted to. That, and I would go out there now, but I gotta study for my Driver's test. Or, the written part anyway. lol
Hope everybody on the East Coast who has a snow day enjoys it!!! :)


Tonya said...

Good luck on your driving test! When are you going to take it? I am sure you'll do great. (-:

Denise said...

Good luck! You will do just fine. And it looks like you doggies were enjoying the snow. I went out to get the mail...but that is it. It is too cold for me, lol

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