February 8, 2009

Party!! :)

Last night we celebrated Miss Feather and Jeremy getting married. They got married about a week ago, but Miss Feather refused to let us have a party. So, my mom wanted to have a surprise party and Jeremy said that he would get her there somehow. She found out at the last minute, but he got her to come to the party anyway :)

There is Miss Feather's 3 year old daughter Nathalia. We were watching Noggin for a good chunk of the night, and Go Diego, Go was telling her to jump up, duck, and shake her body to help the road runner :) She looked so cute dancing around last night lol

Rachael works extremely well with little kids. lol Obviously. lol So, once Rachael got there, she was playing with Nattie for a while. Nat was loving it too lol

And there is the happy couple :) Everybody came down into the back room to play karaoke. Miss Feather was singing, Jeremy wasn't tho. :( lol We tried to get him to sing tho. It just didn't work lol

Those are 4 outta the 5 people who work at the front desk all the time. Like, check in/check out. The other one was sitting on the couch next to Dr. Howard, her fiance. Look at the belly on Miss Feather tho!!! :) I can't wait until the baby girl is born! I would put her name, but I forget how to spell it lol it's a pretty name, it's spelled the English way tho. lol Which, I can't spell lol

After the party, I went to Rachael's house for the night. We played Wii Sports for alil while. Oh, and I got my Wii Fitness age from 39 to 25 :) lol We stayed up until about midnight ish, then I went into Colton's room and fell asleep (he wasn't home lol). When I woke up, her and Miss Jenn were standing in the door way looking at me. Great. lol Just how I want to wake up every morning....My bestie and her mom waiting for me to get up. LOL We went to Wawa and got donuts and chocolate milk. It was pretty good lol Then Colton came home from his dad's. Jenn, Colton, and Jenn's mom went to mass while Rach, her grandfather, and I stayed home. Rach and I played Animal Crossing City Folk for a while. We were on our way to Delaware when my sister called saying that my mom and grandmom would pick me up at Cracker Barrel. Good thing we didn't get too far! lol

Oh, and I found out that my grandfather wasn't gonna come home today. He's not gonna come home for another few days. :( And on Thursday he was so upset cuz he wasn't gonna get to take me to Pittman to take my permit test. He really wanted to take me to go take it, which I find so sweet. Oh, and another sweet thing....My mom's cousin Amy went to church today on a strecher accompanied by a Hospice nurse. She went cuz her oldest, Lucas, was being baptized today. He said to Amy today, and the entire family that was there, "I want to give my life to Jesus" which made her so happy. She was looking forward to seeing her 7 year old baptized, and even tho we don't want to think about it, we are all thinking that since she got to see her baby baptized, she's not going to be with us this morning. She had more strength than all of us did today tho. She's had alot more strength than any of us have in a long time. Hopefully tomorrow won't be a sad day....

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