February 1, 2009

Ties and sadness

My grandfather gave me and Shannon a lesson on how to do ties. You see, Shannon's boyfriend doesn't know how to tie a tie. And last year before Sweetheart Dance with Andy, he was struggling to do his tie as well. (It took him more time to put on his tie than it took me to put on my eyeliner....And he started BEFORE me! lol) So, Poppop taught us how to.

That was Shannon's first attempt to do the tie. Yes, I look cheesy. :)

That was my second attempt at the tie. The first attempt SUCKED!! lol

And now, the sadness...=/
My mom's cousin, Amy, who is a year or so younger than her was diagnosed 15 months ago with liver cancer. It is a rare case because the cancer started in her liver. The doctors told her she only had a few months to live when they diagnosed it. She has been fighting so hard. She's been on experimental drugs, done radiation, and many other things. She has a 5 year old daughter named Amber and a 7 year old son named Lucas. She got divorced from her ex husband about a month or so before she was diagnosed. Amber and Lucas live with Amy/Amy's parents. Amy has been taking care of these two children and working pretty much by herself. We think that because she has been pushing herself so much, it's been keeping her alive as long as it has. Now she is in the hospital in Kentucky. The doctors are saying she might not make it through the night. And if she does, then she'll have at max 2 weeks. Everyone in our family is a wreck right now. Her two gorgeous children will move up to Chicago to live with their dad. And they only know part of what is wrong. They know Amy is sick, but don't know the extent of it. I hate to ask everybody this, but please pray for Amy and her children. All of us are holding our breaths right now, and are pretty much dreading each time the phone rings, just incase it's Uncle David telling us that Amy isn't with us anymore. We know that she is in pain....Only 3% of her liver is working right now. All we ask is that you mention her in your prayers tonight. Please.

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Denise said...

Prayers are being said. It is so sad to hear when a young person is sick like that. And even worse when they have little kids.

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