January 31, 2009

Raising the bar

Our team is very unique. We range from being engineering students to a culinary student to track players, etc. Our height is a huge range too. So, four of us decided to do a "Raising the bar" picture. Like they do on the Cingular commercials

As you can see, Matt is the tallest on our team. Shannon is the shortest. Collin and I are like, nowhere near Matt's height, and I'm not the next shortest. But, Shannon and I had been joking around saying that Matt is too tall, and then when my mom went to take the picture of the three of us, Matt said we should do a "raising the bar" picture. And Collin jumped in between me and Matt to show more of a height change I guess lol

And, I got bored and messed with the picture after my mom sent it. We're grateful MOE let us use their practice field. And we're glad we were able to take pictures of the robot AND our team today too. ;]

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Denise said...

Thanks for emailing this to me. I really like it.

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