December 9, 2008

Ah I forgot about this last night

Since I have school today, this has to be fast: I hate rusty water with a passion. My back bathroom, the one Shannon and I use, has rusty water in the bath tub again. It happens like, every single winter. So every single winter we have to use my mom's shower since ours' has rusty water. It pisses me off. I like my shower. But nooooo I can't use it cuz the water is friggen orange practically!!!! Grrrrrrrrrr


Tonya said...

Uggh, I hate rusty water...since I was little it seems we always find the houses with a lot of rust in the water. I feel your pain!

Denise said...

We have rusty water constantly....and orange toilets and sinks to prove it. I hope you can get back to your shower soon. And come by my site, I tagged you!

And I finished New Moon....UGH! Im so torn! I love Edward AND Jacob so this book KILLED me. Please send over Breaking Dawn when you can, I can't wait to read it.

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