December 6, 2008


Ok, so, we went to Andy's house so my mom could get her hair done......And I went with him and his stepdad to exit 20 to figure out where Andy's job is gonna be when he starts on Monday. Then we all came back to the house. Andy got hungry, so he and I took his mom's debit card and went to Wendy's and got food for him and fries for his mom. And then we went back to the house. We got back, and his brother was like "OMG you didn't get me any!?" so him and Andy went back out while I stayed at the house with his mom and stepdad. They told me something pretty interesting. Well, then she decided she's gonna do my hair on Friday. So, once Andy gets outta school, he's driving to my house and picking me up. And I'm gonna have my highlights done. XD I'll put a picture on like, immediately once I get home Friday.

OMG and it's snowing outside!!!! And it's starting to stick!!!!!! =]

Ok, usually I hate snow. But, I want there to be snow on my mom's birthday, which incidentally is tomorrow. Hahahah. =]


Tonya said...

You hate snow??? Well you aren't going to like the snow machine then...

Denise said...

Im with you on this one...I dont like snow either. It is ok to look at as long as I dont have to go outside in it, lol

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