December 18, 2008

My animals

Ok, here are my animals. I decided I needed a picture of each of them on here. Well, I wanted one with all of them in it. But they all move too fast!! haha So I have one picture with one pet and the other picture with the other two =]

Ok, so that is my female dog. Her name is Jenny. She's a cutie. I wanna say she's 7 ish? Haha we aren't totally sure. We know it's around there since she was about 1 ish when we got here and we've had her for 6 years.

My male dog and my kitten. Dog's name is Cody. He's 8 ish. We got my dogs from someone who had Cody for a year before she got Jenny. So, Jenny has been around Cody her whole life. The two dogs are soooo cute together.
The kitten's name is Googly. He's not even a year old yet. He's about 7 months old we think. My mom's office found him when he was a few weeks old. Unfortunately you can't see what's so special about him in this picture. You see, my kitten only has one eye. The other eye got a piece of bark in it when he was really young, so they took him to the vet and they got the bark out, but his eye was dead at that point. Since he was so little they didn't want to operate to get rid of the eye just yet. So, my mom's friend Heather took him in while they kept him under constant supervision. Heather has a 3 year old that I babysit, and they named him the night they got him. Heather named him Googly since he had a googly eye. haha. One night I was babysitting Nathalia (the three year old) and Googly came too since I was watching Nattie overnight. The next morning she went home, and we kept Googly. We kept him barricaded in the kitchen for the longest time. Until he learned how to climb. Haha. He climbed over the gate we put up between the kitchen and the dining room and the one between the kitchen and the back room, he climbed over our little barricade between the kitchen and the office room. So, he was now free to roam around the house. Thank God we had already gotten the dogs used to him kinda by that point. He still had the googly eye tho. When Shannon and I were in CA visiting my dad, he had the eye removed and had his "little boy parts" removed. His eyelids were sewn shut. My mom and I didn't know that it would fuse the eyelids shut. When they removed the stitches, the eyelids were fused shut. Pretty amazing. Now he's just a little terror.
He has many names. Googly and Google are his most common ones. Collin has decided to give him a few more names: Sergeant Googles, Sergeant Googlethworp, and many others. lol I've also called him Googies before. lol We have thousands of stupid nicknames for him. I could probably go on and on about this cat. But, it wouldn't be fair to the dogs, and I since we didn't get them from birth, I don't have much info about them. =[

So, I just wanted to introduce you to the animals I care for on a daily basis. They annoy me all to death sometimes, but they are my little babies. I would say angels, but they're really not angels at all. Haha. Oh, and there is one other pet. haha. Shannon's guinea pig. But, I don't care for that one as much. So, Snickers doesn't get a picture on here. haha. =]

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