December 10, 2008


Today has just been a sucky day. I woke up this morning and I was tired, but it was ok at first. Even my shower wasn't rusty today. I was so happy about that. But then the cramps started coming. They weren't that bad, so I didn't take an Advil or anything. I got on the bus, they were there, but not too bad. I started falling asleep like I've been doing lately on the bus. I got to school and my cramps started hurting more. Not too bad, but still bad enough that I kinda snapped on Collin. During second block is when the cramps got really bad. I went to Cerrito's like always after second block ended and I was just plain miserable. And Collin even beat me to the door today! He NEVER beats me! Like, he was about to turn into the red hallway for God's sake! That is like, the first time that's ever happened. Ok, so cramps were REALLY bad. It hurt to walk around even. I went to lunch once the bell rang, and I sat down and didn't want to get back up. I got up to give Lina the algebra 2 homework and asked her for Advil. I asked Jessica and Stephanie and all the academy girls if they had any. Maura, Caitlyn, Christine, Elizabeth. I even asked Faith and April if they had any! That shows how bad it was. Nobody had any. I couldn't eat lunch cuz it hurt too much to move. I had tears in my eyes. They sucked. After lunch got out, I asked Murphy if I could go to the bathroom and then down to the nurse. I went down there and said I couldn't stay at school cuz the pain was too much. She called my mom, my mom called my grandmom who said she could come pick me up. I texted Collin and told him I was leaving cuz it hurt too much. He had said earlier when I told him I was gonna go to the nurse that he was gonna try to get out of class for alil bit, but I was in the nurse's office by the time I got that text. So my grandmom came and picked me up with my grandfather. I got in the car, and they handed me a new bottle of Advil, and I took 3 once we got to the Cracker Barrel. Finally got back home after going around Penns Grove for until like, 3 ish. Once I got home, I really had to pee. And just as I was standing up after going to the bathroom, my stupid cell phone fell out of Collin's hoodie (since I have now declared it mine haha) and landed in the toilet. omg, I was so pissed. I let it dry as best I could and tried seeing if it would work. It didn't want to work. I emailed my dad and asked him if he knew if the insurance policy for Verizon phones would cover phones that have been water logged. He wasn't sure, but he told me to take the battery out, open it up (since my is a "clam shell" type phone) and put it in a hot area ish type place that is not the oven or microwave. Uh, duh Dad. I know not to put it in the oven or microwave. Haha. But he said that if it does work, it'll work in 1 - 3 days. Urg! So 3 days at the max without a phone. Especially since my mom doesn't have the time to call Verizon and have them transfer my number to my old phone for another few days. I hate this. With a passion. I have been going insane cuz before about 40 minutes ago I hadn't talked to Collin in 5 friggen hours. omg. It was like the longest 5 hours ever. Eric told me the same thing my dad did minus the whole oven and microwave thing. But yea, I'm pissed. Cuz I just got Cody's number yesterday and he and Lina were gonna text me with the algebra 2 homework since I didn't have time to copy it down before I left school today. So unless Eric gets his behind back online soon, I won't get the Algebra 2 homework. And I dunno if Murphy would let me turn in a day late. She better. I'm gonna be pissed if she doesn't.
So yea, my day pretty much has sucked today. =[ I want it to be tomorrow after school cuz I'm tutoring tomorrow and then me and Collin and Shannon are going to the church at 4 tomorrow to put the lasagnas in the oven since they gotta be in there for 2 hours. And then we're gonna be setting up for the party and then the party starts at 6. I want it to be tomorrow afternoon. =[


Denise said...

Aw....that sounds like a really bad day. I sure hope you feel better soon and hopefully tomorrow will be better.

Tonya said...

Sorry yesterday was bad...but today will be better. (-:

Party is tonight! So it will have to be better!

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