December 2, 2008

Ah, my full day today.....Bler

Today was a VERY long day compared to the past 5 days.
In health 10 (first block) today we had a chapter 7 test.....It wasn't too hard, and on the vocab test we took a few days ago I got a 100....So, I should have aced that test. Haha. That and we went over the answers before we took said test.

Honors Bio (second block) was so easy today. We watched a video about the human genome project and then we got called down for an assembly with this guy named Reggi. He's a comedian, and is soo funny. He'll have the entire auditorium laughing one second, and the next you could hear a pin drop in there. It happened MANY times today. He talked about stuff that really actually hit close to home, and some things had alot of us almost in tears. Unfortunately the assembly was only for freshmen and sophomores. So the juniors and seniors didn't get to hear the stuff he was talking about. Once we got back to bio after the assembly, there was like, 5 minutes left, so Tyson just let us talk.

After bio got done, I walked down to Cerrito's classroom like I always do since I have lunch directly after bio gets out. I stood outside of Cerrito's classroom like always talking to Collin about what had gone on so far in my day. I told him about the assembly and how I was like, so close to crying during parts of it. I tried explaining it to him, but the bell rang just as I started to get into it. So he had to go into AP US History 2 and I had to go down to lunch. Lunch was pretty uneventful except for when John and Jess got into this HUGE argument....Never fun.

Third block was long. I never thought I would ever be happy when algebra 2 got done, but today I was looking forward to it. We were doing all new stuff, and it confused me to death.

Honors English 10 (fourth block) was actually easier than I thought it was gonna be. We did our Error I.D. like we always do at the beginning. Then we did part of the vocab packet for this week. She told us what poem is due on Friday, and then put on this video Julius Caesar. We watched about half of it, and then everyone who was gonna get a card got called down to the auditorium. Cards are like, these special things for people who keep good grades and don't miss lots of school. There is a red card, white card, and blue card. Red is 97-100 average and maximum of 2 attendance infractions. White is from some number to a 96.9 average and maximum of 2 attendance infractions. Blue is not the best grades ever, and no attendance infractions. While walking down to the auditorium I realized that Collin was in the hallway ahead of me going towards the auditorium as well. I decided to go annoy him during the assembly. But, just before I tapped his shoulder, he saw me. There went my surprise. Haha. Collin got a white card, and I got a red card. YAY for us! =] When the assembly was over, and I went back to English, we all finished watching the movie and that was pretty much it for the rest of that class. Haha. =]

After the bell rang, Collin and I met up like we always do, and instead of immediately having to leave so he could catch his bus and I could catch mine, we walked to Mrs. Santaniello's room since we tutor in there Tuesdays after school, and now we are adding Wednesdays and Thursdays. There was only my friend Makaila to be tutored today, so he went into the room next door for DuPont Academic League practice. I helped Makaila with the rise-and-run thing in math, and after about 15 minutes or so, she left. So, I returned my long overdue library book and went to DuPont practice. Collin and I stayed there for about half an hour, and during that time I answered 2 questions right....YAY me!!! =] my grandfather then picked us up to take us home so we could go to robotics later.

We got back to my house, Collin and I grabbed my favorite movie, A Walk to Remember, and went into the living room and started watching it. Midway through we both got hungry, so we ate hot pockets and made fun of my sister. We resumed watching it. I did a few chores around the house when I was told to do them and then again, would continue watching the movie.

At around 5:10 ish my grandparents arrived at my house to pick me, Collin, and Shannon up to take us to robotics. We got there and immediately started doing stuff to get ready for build season. At first Collin, Duran Duran (it's a nickname for this kid at robotics), and I were filing metal to weld it later on. Then Collin was told to get the new control system out and take inventory of it all. Once all the filing was done, I helped Collin put the control system stuff away and then we were told to start figuring out the wiring and stuff. Mind you our old wiring person graduated in June. So most of us don't know what to do. I was reading the manual on how to put it all together while Shannon, Collin, and Duran Duran were grabbing the stuff and attempting to figure it all out. As of right now we have about 1/6 of it done. And it all has to be figured out by January....Oh boy!

We all signed up to do different teams once build season starts. Collin and I both wanted to do programming, and since we were the first two to sign up tonight, we got what we wanted. Boy were we happy. Then we realized that we had to sign up for 2 things. Shelby signed me up for the updates on the manual since they come out on the FIRST website and I can get them easily since I'm always on the computer. Hey, what can I say? The interweb is fun. =]

We got information about a new fundraiser we're starting today. It's a South Jersey Robotics team credit card. If you want info on it, please check out our website. I would give out more info on here, but I'm still trying to understand it all. Our website is If you do sign up for a credit card, please contact me when you activate the card cuz I will get $50 towards my fundraising goal for each card activated that I sell. We have to raise a minimum of $800 by the end of the year, and I'm only partially there. If Shannon wasn't on the team, I know I would be very close to the goal. Haha. But, since she's on the team, we gotta split the money we raise in half. So please help us out if you can! =]

And now I'm just sitting here bored. Well, not totally bored. My loving boyfriend was complaining to me about some things, and then when he realized that I am/was reaching the limit of my stress, he immediately stopped complaining and told me to start talking to him about my problems. He had me tell him all the things that are bothering me most right now, and then he told me to elaborate on one thing in particular. He let me get everything I needed to off my chest, and he didn't once complain. I'm so glad I got over my ex and realized that Collin really has been there all along for me. He's simply the best ever <3

So, there has been my day. Hope you enjoyed reading about it I guess. haha I'll post more after DuPont Academic League practice tomorrow


Denise said...

Yay....I love the daily update!

Tonya said...

Collin was not happy after robotics, that is for sure! )-:

And I think you left some things out again, but it is okay, I filled in the blanks. LMAO

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