December 18, 2008


Haha today was fun =]

We had a DuPont meet against Salem High this morning.....JV lost (I forget the score) and Varsity won. Varsity is the one that determines our ranking. haha. So now our ranking is 3-1. Salem's is 1-3. Only reason I know is cuz Shelby, the girl from robotics, is on their team and we were talking about it on Tuesday. haha.

Once we got back to the school, we sat in T's room until the block ended. That's when I did this:

It's a message to Tonya, you see. And it says: Hi Tonya =] I'm going to miss you & Ally when I leave! And I guess Collin XD
With a heart and then Sam haha

Tonya knows she loved that message. lol

Then, it was lunch time. Jordan now swears I'm bipolar or something. I'm hoping he's wrong. Haha. I was like going from laughing hysterically to flipping out on the guys today. It was pretty bad. I'm sorry for any of them that read this. I really didn't mean to do any of that.

3 block we had to have our projects set up for how they are gonna look like tomorrow at Quality Cup. Lina and I set it up the way we wanted it to look, and we did the last finishing touches on the board. I'll take pictures with my phone as long as Murphy doesn't flip on me. I might have to steal someone's camera for the day just in case tho.

Fourth block went by fast and slow at the same time. Tho, I'm happy cuz tomorrow we won't have to take the vocab test since we're gonna be at the VoTech XD But I still hate Macconi. Oh, and she took away my water bottle today!!! It had been sitting next to my backpack for an hour and a half. I picked it up and set it on my desk so I didn't have to reach down and pick it up when the bell rang. She saw it and was like "I'll take the bottle. It's not allowed to be in here. It's the rules." I was sooooo pissed. I was gonna save it for the Dumb Show we have to put on (this extremely dumb play we have to do) and I told her that. So, she's holding onto it for me. URG!!!

Bus ride home was ok I guess. I was still fuming about how I didn't have my water bottle. John got me to laugh tho. And my dad's girlfriend had emailed me back from last night, so I was emailing her off my phone on the bus ride home. Got back home and texted Collin like always. Which I'm still doing. And then I got an i*m from Tonya telling me to look at her blog. Which is why I put the picture I did up there. lol

Tomorrow is gonna rock tho. All I gotta do is look nice and wear my sweater dress so I can get 5 extra points in Algebra 2 and check in with Iraldi in the morning at school. Then it's off to the VoTech for Quality Cup. My group is interesting. It's me and the 2 freshmen. I was gonna try dragging Collin and Clay into my group too, or at least just Collin. But Lina and I figured that Murphy would be pissed if there were 4 academy kids in one of the groups. Cuz each group is only supposed to have 2 academy kids in it. (The juniors in our Algebra 2 class have helped us throughout the entire thing) I promise I'll try to take pictures. Dunno how good that will work tho. I'm also gonna try to see Chu since I'm pretty sure she's gonna be there. I know Shannon will. But, I'm not gonna go see her. Hahah and if I do see Chu, I'm gonna get a picture with her. =] lol I don't get to see her often, so any time we hang out, I try to get pictures. lol

I'm off to choir soon. I'll post tomorrow after I get home from Quality Cup. Hopefully we win this year!! We came in second last year. We can easily do better tho. =]

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Tonya said...

I do like my messages...

Have fun tomorrow!

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