December 4, 2008

I REALLY hate long days

Why is it that this week has been filled with long days!?!?!? Urg!
First block was really uneventful. Zach was finally back at school from being out with the flu since Monday. So glad he came back. Second block was actually pretty fun cuz we did this lab where we crushed up strawberries to get their DNA. I had my pieces of DNA in a tube thing, but then I lost it at the very end of the day =[
Third block we had to take a quiz, but if the majority of the class did well on it, it's being counted as a test. And to make matters worse, tomorrow we are taking a test on what we took the quiz on today! Urg!!! I'm afraid to take the test cuz I can't do the stupid factoring of polynomials or whatever.
Fourth block was probably my favorite block other than second block today. We did practically nothing for an hour and a half. And then we had the fire drill in the middle of it which took up more time. So happy about that.
Then we had the gifted and talented meeting. I gotta bring the permission slip signed and bring either $8 or $9 depending on what lunch I want. And I gotta bring it tomorrow so I'll be one of the first 40 people. And I really do want to go to the Franklin Institute. So, I'm bringing in my stuff. Haha.
Nobody showed up for tutoring even tho Mrs. S told Zach we were gonna be like, 5 minutes later than usual. But no, he wasn't there. So Collin and I sat there for like, half an hour until Jen came and picked us up. I heard an interesting story that even Collin didn't hear until today. Haha.
And then she dropped me off and now I'm on here. I'm waiting on a reply from my dad to know if I can talk to him, and I'm putting off chores right now to post this. Well, I was just eating lasagna and I still gotta do my English I guess homework should really be done first, shouldn't it? lol I'll probably post another thing later tonight after Cantata practice. Hopefully I don't try to kill anybody in the process

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Don't go to the dark side Padme...

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