December 20, 2008

Fun day with Collin and his family

Ok, so, Collin and Fred picked me up at like, 3:30 ish. Collin came to the back door, and I saw something sticking out of his hoodie pocket. I grabbed my purse and his present, and he and I went outside to go to his stepmom's grandparents' house for the holiday party. That's when he handed me a card and a Dove chocolate rose. The card was soooo cute. Especially what he put underneath all the writing that the card already said. =] I gave him his present, and then we got in the car. Just as I was getting in the car, I saw this giant teddy bear. I was thinking "No, can't be for me" and then after he gets in the car too, he looks at me and says "The bear is your's" and then Fred hands back a box of Godiva chocolates and Collin hands them to me. So, he got me a ton of chocolate, a bear, and a really cute card. He opened his present I gave him, a Korn CD. He said he really liked it. I still couldn't believe he got me all that stuff tho. Here is a picture of the bear.

Ain't it cute!?!? =]
So, we got to the party. We ate some food, and then me, Collin, Michael, Allyson, Tonya, Fred, Adam, Randy, and Colt all went on a walk around the farm. Boy was it cold!!! Haha It was fun tho. When we finally got back to the house, I couldn't feel my toes. Haha. So I sat next to the heater trying to warm up my toes. haha. That's when people started opening up presents. Tonya handed me one bag, and said "This is from me and Fred." I opened up the bag, and saw a can of Diet Coke and a bar of Godiva Dark Chocolate. The Diet Coke didn't last very long. haha. Neither did the chocolate. She bought me a Diet Coke cuz she knows I love it. =] Yes, I know that I'll more than likely switch over to Pepsi since they all drink Pepsi haha Then she handed me another bag. I opened it up, and saw a picture frame that had 5 pictures of me and Collin in it. =] On the top of the frame it said "Padme & Anakin" and on the bottom said "October 13, 2008" It is soooo cute. I'm gonna take a picture of it soon and put it on here once I take a picture of it. I'm like, in love with it. =]
Then pictures were taken in front of the tree. First Collin, Allyson, and Michael. Then Fred and Tonya were added in the picture. Then Randy, Jamie, Colt, and James got their picture taken in front of the tree. then I dunno who all went. Haha. Too many names to remember. Sorry everybody in the family!!! Haha. After I thought all the pictures were done, someone (probably Randy) had to say that I hadn't gotten up yet for any pictures. So, Collin and I had our picture taken in front of the tree. If Tonya ever puts those up somewhere, I'll snag them from her. Haha =]
Then it was time for me to leave. So, Fred and Collin drove me home. Bringing in all my gifts was a hassle. Especially since Tonya also baked cookies for my mom and grandfather thanking them for all their trouble picking Collin up along with me after school every Tuesday almost. haha. So, Collin took in the cookies while I grabbed all my presents.
So, today/tonight was a very good night. I had lots of fun at the party with Tonya's family. They're all so nice. And I loved my Christmas presents I got too. =]


Tonya said...

Glad you had a good time!

We were happy that you and Collin both got to come!! :-)

We'll miss you over christmas, but we hope you have fun with your dad!

Samkay said...

Haha yea, it was tons of fun. Thanks again SOOOO much for the frame. Shannon walked in the house, saw the bear, and was like "OMG that bear is sooo cute!" and when I showed her the frame, she was going crazy at how adorable it was. hahah =]

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