December 14, 2008

Fun Christmas traditions??

Ok, I wasn't able to post anything last night cuz I was so tired and I was busy talking to Collin and Andy online. lol

So, I got picked up by Collin and Fred at like, noon ish. And then we went back to their house where I ate baked ziti and Collin ate pizza. Ally had her piece of pizza too, and then we were off to go get a Christmas tree. And I didn't have to chop it down like Tonya was saying I was gonna have to. lol XD After Tonya picked the tree she wanted, we ended up eating lunch again with her mom, her brother, his wife, and Colt and James (Randy and Jamie's sons). Well, Collin and I ate cheese fries. haha. I ended up sitting between Randy and Collin, and across from me was Tonya. I made the stupid mistake of telling Collin to go ahead and get me Diet Coke....Probably should have told him to get me Diet Dr. Pepper or something. haha. They didn't get too mad tho. lol Just for a few seconds at the beginning of lunch when they were teasing me.....I hope. Hahah. Randy was pretty funny, and it was fun sitting there listening to all the chatter going on. Colt and Ally kept running around which was funny. And I think Ally wanted to play with James (the baby) or something, all I heard was Tonya tell Ally to leave him alone. haha.

We went back to the house and were watching tv for a while. Then Randy came with the tree. When the tree came, Ally and I put on Tom & Jerry on the TV, and she was sitting in my lap watching it while Collin, Fred, and Randy put the tree in the stand outside. Then they carried the tree inside and blocked the screen. Ally would get up, move so she could see it, then would run back over to the sofa and jump on my lap. It was pretty funny. They cut off the stuff keeping the branches close to the tree and cut some off the top of the tree, and then they were done. Finally they got out of our way and we could watch Tom & Jerry in peace. haha. Then Collin came over and Ally sat on my lap and his lap while we kept watching tv. Since I love Tom & Jerry so much, we watched about half the episodes we could find on the On Demand haha. XD At around 5 ish I think we left for this place where we get to see Santa. Ally was so excited, and on the way to go see him, all she was doing was singing Christmas songs, and saying "Merry Kissmas!" and stuff. It was sooo cute. She brought the reindeer that Santa sent her to show him that she got it. When she got in there to see Santa, of course she was shy. She had planned on tell him that she wanted a bike for Christmas, but she was shy and didn't say it. Haha. After Tonya got a few pictures of Ally with Santa and Mrs. Claus, Collin and Michael got in and had their picture taken with Santa, Mrs. Claus, and Ally. It looked cute from where I was (standing with Fred behind Tonya haha)
After that Collin and I walked around trying to find something warm to drink. Finally we found the little coffee shop and got some hot chocolate that had caramel syrup in it. It was yummy. =] We went to where they were showing Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer and drank the hot cocoa. He spilled some himself. Tho he says I did it. I really didn't. lol =]
We left shortly afterwards and went to go eat dinner. Collin and I lucked out cuz Tonya was saying we were gonna make chicken pot pie. haha. We didn't have to. XD We went to a restaurant called The Green Olive (I think). I got chicken fettuccine alfredo and Collin got chicken marsala. His was GOOD. So was mine. I ended up taking like, half of mine home with me, but I left it at his house of course. Haha. We got back to their house at around 8:30 ish and we sat there and watched tv with Ally and Michael. And I stole his hat. Hahahah XD Tho I gotta give it back to him on Monday....=[ lol just kidding on the sad face. =] I ended up getting home at around 10 ish or so.

So, it was a good night. Last tradition I can be dragged into for this year too since next weekend he's at his mom's house and that's the last weekend I'm gonna be here for. haha. And now I'm off to church. I'll be home around 1 ish and then I hopefully am gonna go to Rachael's house to bake cookies. As long as her mom can give me a ride home, I can. My mom is gonna get my phone fixed I think too! =]

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Tonya said...

I am glad it wasn't too torturous! LOL (-:

If you think these traditions were fun, wait till it snows or the ice freezes...then the fun REALLY starts!!!

I wish you were going to be around for Christmas. )-:

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