December 30, 2008

An insane 2 days with my buddy here =]

Ok, so, yesterday, last night, and today my sister and I hung out with our friend Kellie that we met 3 summers ago at a summer camp my dad signed us up for to keep us occupied during the day. We HATED the camp with a passion, but tried to keep in touch with some of the people we met there. Kellie was the only one we stayed close friends with.
Well, every time we're here in Santa Cruz, she catches a bus one day, and we hang out in Santa Cruz doing stupid things. This time, we went back with her on the bus to her house to spend the night. Oh wow, was it an interesting night. Haha. We laughed our butts off, teased eachother, and just had lots of fun. Then today, we walked around the 20 acres she has (ok, not the full 20 acres, but it was a long hike!! Haha) and then we finally went back into her room to chill before Shannon and I had to leave at 5:30 to be home around 6 ish. We threw empty Pop-Tart boxes at eachother, shoved our feet in eachother's faces, and just were having lots of fun. We were pretty upset when we had to leave, but we know that the second we leave California, we'll be counting down the days til we come back just so we can hang out with Kellie. Oh, and about the hike? I told Shannon that all the exercise we got was probably the most we were gonna get until after build season. She just laughed hysterically about that. Little does she know that it's actually

The girl on the left is Kellie, and the right is Shannon. We were walking towards the bus stop in order to catch the bus to go to her house....Shannon didn't know she had to put the money into the slots. LOL Love you Shannie!! =]

That was the view from one of the spots we stopped at. Her house is like, way below where we were. It was a pretty sweet view tho. =]

Shannon, Kellie, and me. We're all pretty insane, but hey, what are best friends for? =]


Tonya said...

I am glad you that are having a great time!

We miss you!

Denise said...

It looks like you had a great time with your friend...thats awesome! How many days until you come back? I was just wondering. I finished Breaking Dawn last night....I dont know if Im happy or not, it is upseting knowing that is the end of the story. I wish she kept writing stories in this series.

Samkay said...

Tonya: I miss all of you guys too!!! Oh, did Collin tell you that the tree burning in PTown is the Saturday after I come home?? I thought that you might want to know. lol It's an opportunity for you to drag Fred to another thing with the family!! hahaha =]

Denise: I come back on Friday, so 2 more days now. No including today. And today we're really excited cuz it's our last day in the town where my dad lives, and we get to hang out with my dad's brother, his wife, and their 7 month old baby again. We're sooo excited. I loved that book. Made me almost cry when I finished it and remembered that there is nothing after it. I wanted the book to just keep on going.

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