December 4, 2008

He's my hero =]

Ok, two certain guys are my heroes right now. Like, they've always been my heroes, but today especially they are my heroes.
First one is my dad. Last night when I emailed him asking if we could talk today about an issue, he responded (after I had fallen asleep) that if he had gotten the email earlier he would have called me right then to talk to me. And when we started talking around 4 ish, he listened to me complain about stuff, and then started talking to me about my issues. First he let me dish it all out tho. He's always been there for me, and for the longest time I hated him practically. I wish I didn't, and I wish I had seen the lies I had been fed during that entire time.
My other hero is, of course, Collin. After he left and was over at his grandparents' for alil while, I had texted him (not knowing he was there) and said just 4 simple words. Next thing I knew, he walked into my back room and just gave me a big hug and gave me a kiss to try to help me calm down. Just him coming over to make sure I was ok means the world to me. He really is the most amazing boyfriend ever. And when we were standing in my kitchen a few minutes after he came to check on me, he just stood there holding me, not saying a word. I never knew just standing there in his arms would help me that much in calming me down. Of course, when he said he had to go, I got upset again. Not as upset as I was before he came, but still. I was - and still am - upset he had to leave, but I know he loves me. And I know it will never change =]

Ok, sorry, I just had to post this one. Cuz yea, while both my dad and Collin drive me INSANE at times, they mean so much to me, and today alone they have helped calm me down in more ways than one.

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Tonya said...

Sam..your awesome! (-:

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