December 3, 2008

I can't wait!!!

I cannot wait until:
1) I graduate from high school.
2) These stupid thank you letters and constant fundraisers are done.
3) I get my permit.
4) I get my license.
5) I get old enough to make my own decisions.

When those things happen, I will seriously be the happiest person alive. I'm sick of having to do fundraising crap for robotics, and then getting more crap dumped on me for robotics. I think the highlight of my night was about 25 minutes ago when my mom told my sister that she had better help me with the thank you notes since I wrote the entire letter by myself to get money for robotics. I work my butt off for the team, and my little sister has an easy ride through it all.

I'm going to bed. Probably gonna text Collin until I fall asleep. He's the only person I am able to talk to right now who actually cares. Thank god for him.

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