December 7, 2008

Cantata and dinner

Ok, so the cantata was fun. I got alil nervous. Ok, alot nervous. But looking at these two people I know and trust alot helped me calm down some. Haha. There were lots of people there, and nobody in my family took any pictures that I know of. XD I took some pics with Shannon's camera before the cantata of everybody in the choir, but that was about it.
We went to Texas Roadhouse for my mom birthday dinner. She had to have the cactus overtop of her head and everything. It was perfect. XD

This part is for Tonya.....It may be cold, but this time I'm not gonna wear a jean skirt and tights and a thin sweater. Haha. I'm gonna wear jeans and a big warm hoodie. Ok, maybe two hoodies. Hahaha.

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