December 11, 2008

Robotics Party Fun

Ok, before I put anything else....

Tonya....Please put the pictures on myspace/facebook/here!!! =]

Ok, now for the good stuff. =]

Collin and I got to the church at like, 5:15 ish. Immediately, he and I were put to work organizing stuff and starting the garlic bread. Then we were put to work watching the doors to see if anybody was coming. People started coming at around 6 ish, tho they were mostly mentors. I finished up the garlic bread at around 7 ish, which is when we all were introducing ourselves to anybody there and introducing our family members, why we were on the team, what grade we were in and what school we went to. We then ate food. Fred made baked ziti. =] Boy was I happy! hahah. After we got done eating, Mr. Hinde did some talking, and Tonya took pictures of me hiding behind Collin cuz I didn't do something Mr. Hinde had told me to. Haha. which reminds me that I gotta post something on Chief
We did our pollyanna thing, and in my gift I got a slinky, a double chocolate chip cookie, Laffy Taffy's, a tape measure key chain that I think goes out 3 feet, and these s'more treat things. haha. Gotta love Shelby and Ally!!! =] Haha
That's when Christian realized there was my mom's laptop with iTunes opened up. We couldn't find any music we wanted to listen to on there, so out came my iPod and Shelby's. We were dancing to all the music, or most of us were anyway. Collin wasn't. Shocker, right? Haha. Even Allyson was dancing!!!
Allyson met a new friend too. Who lives down the street from her. They kept hugging and everything. Tonya, ya better watch out....She might sneak out when she gets older! Haha. I'm only kidding. Collin is wayy too protective of her to let that happen. haha. =]
We ended up not leaving the church until like, 9 ish. The last ones to leave were me, Shannon and my mom (of course) and also Collin, Tonya, Fred, Allyson, and Michael. We also had to wait for Duran Duran to get picked up, but that didn't take much time after the rest of us got in the cars.

So, all in all, tonight was a very good night. We had so much fun, and I think we all bonded tonight actually. Like, all the students on the team were really just ourselves and not trying to impress anybody like we usually are. We also didn't have the pressure of the mentors breathing down our necks to do something. haha. And Tonya, please put these pictures up. I'm begging you. haha. I know I usually don't say that, but this time I really wanna see them. Even tho you did take a picture of me eating. =P I'll post a thing after I get my hair done tomorrow. I'll take a picture on my ex's phone since I still don't have mine and send it to my email and put it on here. =]

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