December 17, 2008

Boring/Busy day

I can't think of anything interesting that happened yesterday. After I got my phone, things were pretty low key. lol

Today on the other hand.....Haha.

School went by REALLY fast. Iraldi wasn't there today, so we pretty much did whatever we wanted. Tho we usually do that anyway. haha I was able to do alot of my make up English that I gotta do in order to get my grade up. Or, as much work as I could get done in there. It was kinda hard since all I kept hearing was Jorge and Josh making stupid perverted jokes about like, every girl in our little circle. lol i.e. Me and Julie. lol!!

Tyson was back since she wasn't there yesterday. She still isn't feeling too good tho. =[ We had this thing of 64 problems that we had to do, and I got done like, 40 ish of them. We have to have 45 done by tomorrow tho. So, it's all good. lol

In Murphy's, we did Quality Cup. Tomorrow is our last day to work on it during class, and we've gotta set it up the way it's gonna look like on Friday. Oh boy. I'm like soooo afraid for Friday!!! haha

Mrs. Macconi was back today. We had to do our memorizations. I had like, 20 minutes, maybe, to memorize the 4 quotes from Julius Caesar......I managed to do it right. =] lol

After school got done, Collin and I went to Woodstown Middle School for the LegoLeague thing. We were there for like, an hour. Then we finally got back home and watched H2O (A show on The N....I don't get it really lol) and then part of Parental Control (on MTV) and then Fred came and picked Collin up.

After that point, my day has been pretty sucky actually. Only good thing that has happened since Collin got picked up was that I realized I don't have to go to my first or second block class tomorrow cuz of a DuPont Academic League meet against Salem at Salem. They've won 1 outta 3 meets, and we've won 2 outta 3. So, as of right now, we have the better advantage. lol Collin and I get to see Shelby, which will be fun....I guess. LOL!!!!

I'm starved since I haven't eaten a meal since dinner last night. I was starved up until when my mom got home, and then I wasn't hungry at all. But now that she's left for the board meeting, I'm hungry again....Hm, doesn't that show you something??

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