December 12, 2008


And the new hair is now here. =]

I don't have a picture yet. Cuz the picture Jackson took looks all messed up, and when me and Andy were driving around, the car was dark inside since it was like, between 9 and 11 that we were driving around and I didn't feel like taking a picture while at Arby's. haha. So, I'll have a picture up tomorrow night hopefully if Tonya will take pictures. Which I'm sure she will. hahah. =]

Today was a bit awkward driving around with Andy, but only when we were on our way home from Deptford. Cuz we were talking about stuff that kinda had been kept hush hush for a while. But I figured that since he's my best friend I can tell him what's really on my mind. I know that I really did do the right thing cuz I needed to say what I said. He didn't freak out or anything cuz of what I said either. He explained stuff to me that I was questioning, and asked me some questions that almost had me thinking the entire car ride to my house. So while I sometimes hate his guts cuz of stuff he does/says, I guess I always know I have someone to talk to. And someone who is always there for me when I need him. Friend wise. Someone who won't judge me, and knows me for who I truly am and who I have always been. Friendships that have lasted a lifetime (in our case 16 years) are hard to come by, and I hope we never lose our friendship.

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