December 7, 2008

Recap on party last night

So, originally Shannon, me, and my dogs were gonna go to my grandmom's house and the cat was gonna be put in the crate and in my mom's room. Wanna know what all was followed through with??? The cat. Mhm. He was put in the crate and in my mom's room while me, Shannon, and the dogs stayed here. My mom's friend's fiance came first. Two seconds later her friend Kate came, and I was expecting her husband to come in next. Nope. Who did I see? MR. HINDE! From the robotics team. Yea, I was alil freaked. Then came Kate's husband. I was still obsessing over the fact that Mr. Hinde came. The next people that came I had no clue who they were. Not the last person, but the second to last person came in through our back door cuz he knows us so well he can just do that. Maris came, and when I realized it was him, Shannon and I stopped looking at the robotics hint with Mr. Hinde and jumped to give Maris a hug.
We put the dogs downstairs, and everybody stayed upstairs. Mr. Hinde was getting along with alot of my mom's friends. I was like "Ok, wow. This is alil weird. My robotics mentor is here talking to all my mom's friends, and they have stuff in common. wtf??" When Mr. Hinde came, I decided that Collin should know that he was here since it was so weird and not usual. Collin said hi like a good boy. Mr. Hinde thought that he was hiding in my back room. Haha. That would be cool if he was.
Once a few people left and it was just me, my mom, Shannon, Mr. Hinde, Maris, and my mom's other friend who I can't remember his name, we all started talking about Christian and Collin. Ooo was it fun. XD We were cracking on Christian about things he does and has done in the past, and were just making fun of Collin. I did defend my boyfriend of course. They just wouldn't believe me. Haha. They swear he crawls after me in the hallways. Which isn't true at all. So if they're trying to spy on him during the day, they're doing a horrible job at it. Haha.
So, all in all, everything went well at the party. Even tho Mr. Hinde was there. hahahahaha. I still think it would have been more fun if Tonya and Fred and Denise and Collin and John and the boys and Tonya's kids came. Hahahaha. Tho I do understand why they couldn't come. Would have been tons of fun. Shannon and I would have actual people to talk to!! o_O

Alright, I gotta get in the shower now so I can go to church, then the second church service, and then the cantata singing thing I'm going to. Tonya, I give up. It starts at 2. I guess if you must come, you can. And take all the pictures you want. Hahah. Collin knows what church it's at and Fred knows how to get there. I've decided that it's pointless to fight the embarrassment. Hahahah.
I'll post more after the cantata.
Oh, and I almost forgot.....Today is my mom's 38 birthday!!!!!! =] And Chloe (my ex's dog who I claim to be my own) is now two years old!!!!! =]


Tonya said...

We really wished we could have been there too. Fred and I were really looking forward to coming!
I am sorry it didn't work out!

Mr. Hinde is cool..even Allyson likes him! I think Collin works hard not getting along with him. LOL.

At least we have the robotics party on Thursday, and this weekend coming is the walk of game or is it going to be too cold for you???

Tonya said...

Oh and by the way, I would love to come see you sing and take a billion pictures...but I can't make it today...I have a million things going on today...but I will come see you one of these days when you are singing or acting and surprise you. LOL.

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