December 24, 2008

Finally in California

Wow. Today was not a good day to fly.

Our flight was supposed to take off at 3:55......It didn't take off until 5:41 EST. We landed at 9:17 ish PST. We were PISSED cuz of the delay. We were so bored, we were taking pictures like, nonstop!!! lol I only saved one of them and emailed it to myself......

As you can tell, we were really bored.
So, now I'm laying on my bed at my dad's house. Tho it's only my bed for about a week or so. If that even. Cuz in a few days, the person who rents our room is coming back from her brother's house, which means Shannon and I have to sleep on the sofa in the living room. Urrrrrrg. One good thing about my dad's house is this tho: Bed by midnight, up by noon. Bed just means I have to be in bed. Not that I have to be sleeping tho. XD lol there are other good things about his house, but that's the one I'm loving right now.
Tomorrow my dad works until noon ish. So, I'm sleeping in and catching up on sleep I missed out on on the plane.

OMG I almost forgot to tell you people! An elderly woman was sitting in front of Shannon on the plane. She passed out and puked all over herself and in between the two seats (her's and her husband's seat). Well, Shannon and I were both asleep during all this. Next thing I know, there are a bunch of people around the area we were sitting at, and I realized my sock felt wet (I take off my shoes on an airplane lol) I looked at my sock, and was like "ewwwwwwwwwwww what is----" and that's when I realized the woman had gotten sick. So, I had vomit on my left sock, on my right pant leg, and Shannon had some on her backpack. It was gross. The poor woman had overheated, and so she ended up passing out which is when she started puking. Very sad for her. Once we got to SFO, there were paramedics waiting for her and her husband once they got off the plane. I sure hope she's ok.

I texted the people I said I would text, and I almost called Collin like he had told me to. Cuz oh yea, my phone is working again (I couldn't hear anybody on the other line, and they couldn't hear me). But, when I texted him telling him we got in ok, he didn't answer me. So, I figured I didn't want to wake him up. I'll probably have a text from him in the morning when I wake up tho. =]
And now I'm off to bed. I'm exhausted, and feel like I'm gonna pass out. I just wanted to do a quick update before I went to bed. And I'm gonna try to take a picture of the present I'm making for my 6 month old baby cousin and also for Allyson, Collin's little sister. Both presents are a work in progress right now, and I gotta get Riley's done by Saturday. Unfortunately I can't send Ally's to her before Christmas, so Tonya, if you could just tell her that I have a present for her once I get back?? lol =]
I hope everybody has a safe Christmas this year!!! =]

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