December 3, 2008

I hate long days

Long days are the pits. Really, they are.
I'm so happy however. Cuz when my English teacher gave me back my research paper today, it said that it was a B and the comment underneath the grade said "very good" =] So glad too. Haha.
I've decided my boyfriend is just the best ever. Ok, so I really did know that before. But today he like totally went above and beyond what he usually does (kinda) lol. I've been like, totally stressed out lately and crap. It totally sucks. Well, he knew that I was not in the best moods this morning when I got to school. So, being the amazing boyfriend he was, he just stood there and held me once I dropped off my stuff in my first block class and let me just calm down as much as I could right then. And then right before he left, he told me that if it got to be too much and I just needed to go talk to Mrs. Burke (my guidance counselor) to text him and he would get out of class somehow and walk me down there. I didn't go down to her room, but even if I did, I wouldn't have texted him and asked him to come with me down there. Cuz I know Tonya and his mom wouldn't like that too much if he left class to make sure I was ok. Haha.
DuPont practice was pretty good actually today. I got like, 4 or 5 questions right, and there were some questions I answered before Bonny could....YAY me!! XD Haha. and now I'm sitting here eating lasagna after eating chicken nuggets. I'm starved obviously. Haha.


Denise said...

Im glad Collin is there for you...he's a good guy :-) and I hope your stress works itself out and things get better soon.

Tonya said...

He is a great guy, and what makes him even greater is that he is making dinner for us right now. (-:

Sorry to hear you had a bad day! Hope things looks up soon!

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