December 8, 2008

Quick post before I go to bed

I decided today that I really hate it when Collin isn't at school or if he isn't there in the morning. Cuz seeing my boyfriend in the morning everyday before first block starts helps get my day on track. And today he wasn't there cuz he was at the funeral. So my first two classes sucked cuz I didn't get to see him and the last time I got a kiss was Friday at 2:30. Yea, he's not allowed to not be there in the morning anymore. Hahah.
Other than that, today was pretty uneventful. I tutored today, and froze my butt off waiting for the girl at the Country Store. We went to my grandmom's for dinner and then my mom and I went to Deptford and went to BJ's and then Barnes and Nobles. Got some Christmas presents for people, and then stopped at Chick-Fil-A on the way home. Picked Shannon up at my grandmom's, and then came home. Very boring day really. Main reason for the post was the above paragraph tho. Haha.
Alright, I'm going to bed. Tomorrow Collin and I gotta tutor Zach and then we have robotics. Gotta figure out what movie we're gonna watch tomorrow in between tutoring and robotics tho. haha. Any ideas??? =]


Denise said...

I have never been to Chic-Fil-a....was it good?

Samkay said...

Good. I LOVE their milkshakes there. We go there whenever we're in Deptford. They're closed on Sundays tho.

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