December 6, 2008

In for an exciting day??

I dunno if today is gonna be as exciting as I want it to be..........
Like, I know that at 1 ish we are going to Andy's house so my mom can have her hair colored and then possibly trimmed, but I can't get mine done yet. Which makes me mad. Cuz I really want my highlights done.
We were planning on going to the parade in Salem today, but that isn't happening after all cuz Shannon + cold air = BAD. Since she's asthmatic and all. I wish we were going tho.
After my mom gets her hair done, we gotta finish getting the house ready for the party my mom is having tonight. Oh what fun. And once the party starts, Shannon and I might get kicked outta the house. Tho I think that Shannon is going out anyway. So, once the party starts, I think I'm gonna get kicked out and sent to my grandmom's house with the dogs. Oh great.
This day pretty much has just started and it already sucks more than school does. I actually wish that Collin was at his dad's and that Tonya had some Christmas tradition planned and that I was gonna get dragged to go do the tradition. It would give me something interesting to do and I would be with Collin. And Ally and Tonya and Fred and Michael. Haha. But yea, it would be more fun than sitting here doing nothing. And that's saying something. haha.

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