December 1, 2008

Longwood Gardens

omg, I've never had so much fun at Longwood Gardens as I did this year. Of course, the only other time I went it was a weekend, so it was packed, and my mom and sister and grandmother who is in a wheelchair on those kinds of visits were with me. And I was pushing my grandmom in the wheelchair. Not an easy task when there are tons of people around and you're only 12 or 13 ish. Haha
We got to Longwood Gardens at around 9 ish. We were allowed to walk around and do whatever until 11 when we had to be at the place to eat. I had a roast beef sandwich, chips, and hot chocolate while Collin had chili, marble cheesecake, and vanilla cappuccino or something like that. His cheesecake was yummy. Hahah. Once we got done eating, we could walk around some more until 1:30 when we had to be back in the visitor center. Collin and I had tons of fun walking through the conservatory, especially in the children's garden. We watched the water show they had with the majority of the group at 1 and then walked into the visitor center, stamped our hands in case we wanted to go back today, and then went into the gift store. I wasn't planning on getting anything. That was until Collin pointed out the dark chocolate. Well, that just HAD to be purchased. I mean, it's dark chocolate. =]
On the bus ride home Collin and I tried to finish watching The Notebook on my iPod. Didn't get very far before I started to fall asleep. So, we put on the Nightmare Revisited album and I fell asleep laying on his chest. When we got to exit 4, we both woke up and realized we would have to go back to our 4th block class. We were NOT happy in the least. I decided at that point I should give him his birthday present I had refused to give him during the entire trip. Sad thing was that he kinda figured it out cuz everytime I ran or was jumping around, the chain on the wallet jingled. I tried claiming it was the bells on Santa's sled that were bringing his present. He didn't believe me. Haha It was worth a try. haha
So that was our trip to Longwood Gardens. Not the best, but it was fun all the same. =]


Tonya said...

Sounds like a great day! I agree with you on the chocolate, but I am a milk chocolate kinda girl!

Collin told me all about it when he got home, and you left out some parts. (-:

Denise said...

I am so glad your blogging so I will have an idea of whats going on. Collin didnt tell me any of that stuff. only that it was "garden-y" whatever that means, lol. And I love both milk and dark chocolate...Im not picky :-)

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