December 15, 2008

Sunday's cookie fun

Ok, again, I wasn't able to post last night about the fun I had making cookies with my best friend yesterday. Unfortunately I don't have any pictures since I don't have a phone or camera and we were all too busy cutting cookies out and icing them to take any pictures with their phones or cameras.

My best friend's dad came and picked me up at like, 10:30 ish. I literally had to run back to my house from the church in order to make it there before they all got there. When Rachael got here, I was still wrapping up her birthday present and Christmas present (her birthday is Christmas Eve) so she had to wait in the kitchen while I finished wrapping them. We got in the car, and I got to sit next to Colton, her brother who was sitting next to their baby half sister. We went to Pennsville and dropped Colton off at CCD and then Todd dropped me and Chu off at her house.

Chu and I exchanged gifts since yesterday was the last time I'll get to see her before I leave, and she got me a pair of these amazing earrings. again, I would put a picture on here, but I gots no camera or phone yet. =[ She loved the necklaces I gave her (Jack and Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas) and the key thing I got her (Again, Jack Skelenton. It goes over her key on the top part). While her mom was showering, we gave her grandmom's dog Lucy a bath, and then decided to play the Wii while waiting for Colton to get back from CCD with her grandparents. Once they got home, Colton started playing with us for alil bit until we had to leave for Acme. Before we left, Aunt Jessie (Rachie's aunt) and Fats's (John Jr, Aunt Jessie's baby) got there. John-John looks so darn cute, the last time I saw him was at the Great Pumpkin Carve in October. He's now walking and stuff. So adorable. =]

We went to the Dollar Tree to get tins and stuff to put the cookies in once we got done. We spent like, $15 there. Then we went to Acme. We bought LOTS of cookie stuff. Like gingerbread dough, sugar cookie dough, butter, sugar, flour, the whole nine yards. Jenn was PISSED cuz it came out to like, almost $80 and she already didn't have tons of money to begin with. So we made sure the cookies were the best ever.

We got back to their house, and started to organize everything out. Justin, Rachael's boyfriend, then came cuz he was gonna bake with us. We made tons of cookies, and once we were done cutting them all out, Jenn told us to play the Wii so we were out of her hair. Haha. We had so much fun messing around while playing the Wii. Then it was time to decorate. Colton just HAD to make a dinosaur gingerbread cookie, so we let that one be his. Then he also just HAD to make a HUGE gingerbread woman out of sugar cookie dough. He nicknamed her Shanana. lol The sugar cookies didn't really keep their shape that much. The gingerbread ones did. Rachael and Justin, being the GMT students that they are, spent so much time on each cookie. Like, once Aunt Jessie and John-John and Jenn's parents got home from the mall, Aunt Jessie told Justin to make a cookie with Rudolph on it. So, he did. And Aunt Jessie had also told Rachael to make one for John-John with Santa Claus on it. So, she did. We wasted alot of icing, and we weren't even half way done decorating them!! Haha.

My mom and sister got there at like, 6 ish to pick me up. I was so upset I had to leave. We went to WalMart after that, where we saw Aunt Jessie, John-John, Ginger (Jenn's mom), and Bill (Jenn's dad) since they had gone there to get the 1 year old (John-John) to calm down. Then we went to Swedesboro to get food, we stopped at Acme to get stuff for my grandmom, and finally got back here at like, 8 ish. I realized at that point that it had been 25 hours since I had eaten an actual meal. It makes sense why I was so hungry. haha.
So, that was the whole cookie fun we had on Sunday. =] I'm so glad I got to hang out with my bestie. Slight problem however, cuz I skipped the second church service I go to every Sunday to bake cookies. And I'm in the choir. So, one of the other choir members is probably going to give me crap about skipping out to go bake cookies. Oh well. We've been best friends for 5 years, and I never see her since she goes to Pennsville and I go to Penns Grove.

Oh, and yesterday while I was at Rachael's house.....My mom took my phone to the Verizon store in Beckett. They couldn't fix it there, but the insurance DOES cover it, so tomorrow afternoon my phone will be delivered to my mom's office. =] I'm so happy cuz I finally will be able to text Collin again. YAY!!!! =] And just in time for the holiday season! lol I'll have a way to talk to all my friends while I'm in California and can't be on my computer....YAY!!! haha.

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Denise said...

Sounds like you had a busy but fun day. And Im so glad that your getting a new phone tomorrow...Im sure you and Collin are going through withdrawl. Your moms chocolate peppermint cookies sound good...I will have to make some soon.
What day are you leaving for CA?

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