December 10, 2008

The number 8

Collin's mom, Denise, tagged me on this...

8 TV shows I love to watch:
Dirty Jobs
Family Guy
I dunno for a last one. haha

8 Things That Happened Yesterday:
I rode the school bus
I texted my boyfriend
I think I had a few tests in school
I went to DuPont Academic League Practice
I had fun listening to Mr. T tell Bonny that she is too good for a college guy. LOL
I had fun laughing cuz I figured out Mr. T's hints and April and Amber couldn't
I went to robotics
I tried to figure out what was going on with the whole control panel thing for the robot

8 Favorite Places to Eat:
Peppinos (even tho it's closed)
Texas Roadhouse
Famous Dave's
Andy's grandmom's house
My grandmom's house (CA grandmom)
My dad's house when he's making good food haha

8 Things That I Am Looking Forward To:
Saturday when I go to the thing with Collin and his family
When my phone works again!!!
When I graduate from high school
When I find this one thing
For the next three movies come out (Eclipse, Breaking Dawn, New Moon)
Build Season (I say that now.....Hahaha)
Friday when I get my hair done

8 Things On My Wish List:
New phone (well, that's on there now)
New camera
Gift cards to my favorite places lol
For my parents not to fight all the time
To figure certain things out
Quiet time to myself
Ok, now I gotta tag people on here.....

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Denise said...

Sorry to hear about your phone! But Im glad you did the tag....its nice to learn new things about you :-)

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