December 5, 2008

Gotta love Fridays! =]

This Friday was especially good. Cuz, today is 20 days closer to Christmas. =]
Let's see.....How eventful was my day?? Not really that eventful. Health we took a vocab quiz, and then did like, nothing. it was awesome. Bio we took notes on the origin of life. Ooo was that fun. Then we watched a video, and we're gonna finish it on Monday. Other than that, nothing really happened. I went and talked to Collin like I always do before lunch, and then lunch itself was pretty interesting. Like always. haha. Algebra 2 we took a test, and then did quality cup. Our project is almost done!!! XD I'm gonna take pictures of our project on the 19 (the day we do Quality Cup) and post them on here then. It's banging. I'm not gonna say much on here about it yet, only cuz if somehow other academy kids in the other academies find out what our project is, that would be bad (not really, but oh well lol). Collin and Clay actually managed to come down even tho Collin had texted me and told me he had a test....He finished it in half the block even tho it was supposed to take the whole block. Haha. Stupid teacher thinks it'll take the whole block. lol Fourth block was kinda easy. Vocab test and then we read part of the first chapter of To Kill A Mocking Bird. It's ok I guess. Haha
And when school got out, my amazing best friend picked me up. He was gonna pick me up on Tuesday, but couldn't cuz he can't have 2 passengers who aren't family in the car at the same time. So then he was gonna stop by after Collin and I got home on Tuesday. But he couldn't come over. But today, Andy came and picked me up since he had a half day of school. XD I likes his car. Hahah.
And now I'm sitting in my back room listening to my poor kitten meowing cuz we had to put in him the crate since someone is here cleaning our house and he just gets in the way. It makes me sad hearing him cry like that. =[
I think I'll probably go get taquitos and then ice cream since I'm starved. =] Catch atcha later. XD

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Tonya said...

Did somebody say ICE CREAM??? I really could use some ICE CREAM!

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