December 28, 2008

Christmas celebration with my dad's family

So, last night we celebrated Christmas at my grandmom's house with the entire family on my dad's side. Or, the majority of us anyway. Haha. My dad's sister wasn't there with her husband and 2 boys. So, it was my dad, my sister, myself, my dad's girlfriend, the twins (my dad's brothers), both of their wives, my new baby cousin (who is 7 months old), and my grandparents. When you get our family together, it's always a good time.

That's my dad's girlfriend, Claudia, and my dad. This was right after I got my brand new camera, and I put the batteries in it. So, I decided to take a picture of my dad and his girlfriend. =]

That is the blanket I knitted for my baby cousin, Riley. I took this picture on my cell phone, thus the not so good quality of the picture. When my uncle opened the present, immediately my aunt Amy was gushing over it. Or, almost. lol I worked on it from the Monday before Christmas until yesterday afternoon when I finished it at my grandmom's house. It was supposed to be a bit longer, but it wraps around him, which is good. =]

Uhm, yea. lol That is my uncle Jeremy. Ian's twin brother. Jeremy's nickname to all of his nieces and nephews is Crazy Uncle Jeremy. And from that picture, you can see why. There is a LONG story behind what he did, but it started out that he wanted to take the tape and give himself a chin strap. Then he taped his nose to his face, and then the eyelids. And it all went downhill from there. The side views are better tho. LOL This whole fiasco happened during dinner, and I took the picture with my cell phone. We were all taking pics with our phones or cameras. =]
And that is my 7 month old cousin Riley. Notice how he has the blanket I knitted on his lap. Mhm. I told my dad he liked my present more than his. lol His may rattle and make noise, but mine was handmade and he kept grabbing for it. LOL Riley is sitting on his dad's lap, who is the twin brother of Jeremy. Ian is nowhere near as crazy as Jeremy is. He does have his moments tho. =] lol
There were many other pictures I could have put on here, but then there are also some pictures I don't have yet. I may put others on when I get them from my grandmom or my aunt or my dad. Depends on how the pictures turn out. lol =]

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