January 15, 2009


I messed up last night. Not 100% sure exactly what I did, but I know I screwed up. I know cuz I'm grounded for 2 weeks. =[ It started last night, but I'm doing homework right now, so I'm allowed on the computer for that. Unless Shannon and I manage to kiss up to my mom enough, I won't be posting for 2 weeks. Which makes me sad. =[


Tonya said...

Oh no! What happened?

Denise said...

Im going to miss you....how will I know whats going on without reading your posts? You need to text me, lol

Samkay said...

Haha I'm not supposed to be texting or calling either. I wish I could. But my mom was freaking about the texts. She said we were texting too much....But with unlimited texting?? I dunno. lol

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