January 28, 2009

No school!!

Yepp, you read that right. There is no school today!!!! =] It didn't matter to me really, however, cuz I didn't have to take my first or second block final. Hehe so, finals that were supposed to be today are moved til tomorrow, and 3 and 4 block finals are on Friday. Of course, that means we are extended another day in June, but there is no school today =] lol

That's my backyard. The dogs went running outside today when my mom went to leave work, so our backyard isn't the "pure snow" lol they messed it up =[ lol

That's my lovely house =] It's small, but we love it lol I love it when it gets covered in snow too lol the entire town looks like one of those Hallmark cards....I love the snow at those times lol I wasn't able to get a picture of what it looks like looking down the road lol I'll take that alil later hopefully.

That's my little tree =] My grandfather bought me a Christmas tree a few years ago cuz that was the year we stopped getting live trees for Christmas. It's growing up and I'm soo happy. I am also able to mow around it without even hitting my precious tree. LOL I'm protective of it lol

My little babies playing in the snow. Ok, so eating it lol They love the snow. When we get the huge snow dunes they will go running straight into them and it takes us about half an hour to get them back in! They always look so cute playing in the snow

Oh, and yesterday I got my schedule....
Marking period 3:
Gym with Denby, Pre-Calc with Lower, US History 1 with Meiler, and Spanish 2 with Groeber
Marking period 4:
Decor Design 1 with Trimmer, Pre-Calc with Lower, US History 1 with Meiler, and Spanish 2 with Groeber
And yesterday when Collin was taking his AP Calc test or something in Lower's room, I got to meet Lower. So, he knows who I am kinda and hopefully that will work to my advantage lol Of course, then I fell asleep....lol that won't matter tho. =]

Alright, now it's time for me to go clean up around my house. I gotta clean up the room I'm in and my kitchen. This should be fun lol I hate cleaning. Anybody wanna help me?? =]


Tonya said...

You can clean my house when you are done...I am sure that it is going to seem like a tornado swept through after all these school kids have been hanging out here all day.

Your pictures look awesome! I love pictures of snow covered towns...

Samkay said...

lol if I had a way over there, maybe I would =P lol

Denise said...

When you get done cleaning at Tonyas you can swing by here and clean too! We will keep you busy on your day off from school.
And I like your snow pics too. I took the boys out for a few minutes this morning but forgot the camera.

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