January 30, 2009

Too busy

Crap. I hate it when I miss a day on here. lol Cuz then I gotta remember what all happened! Which is never easy haha

Yesterday I got to stay at home and do nothing. =] I slept until about noon, which was PERFECT!! And then I woke up, started a load of laundry, showered, and got dressed....With a minute before my grandfather got to my house to take us to robotics. LOL
Robotics was kinda boring. We're trying to figure out what HAS to be on there, and what doesn't. Last night I put the signal light on. Or, got it wired up. We still have a bit more to do before the light gets mounted. But, I can't put that on here...just in case another team is watching my blog. LOL

Today I went to school bright and early cuz I wouldn't have had a ride to school otherwise to take my final. I sat in a study hall during the 3 block final, and then went to Macconi's for my 4 block final. I think I did ok on it. I hope I did. lol
And now I'm just waiting for Shannon to get home and for my mom to get home. Tonight, my mom is getting her hair done, so the three of us are going to Andy's house so his mom can do my mom's hair. then, at 7, Collin is picking me up to go to Applebee's for dinner with him and his friends. This should be interesting. lol I'll post something hopefully tonight about the, what will most likely be interesting, dinner we're gonna have tonight lol


Tonya said...

I can't wait to hear what you think of Collin's buzz cut. LOL.

I hope you guys have fun tonight...but not too much fun. Haha!

Samkay said...

Uh, buzz cut!?!? lol

lol don't worry Tonya =P lol

Denise said...

buzz cut?? I doubt that.....or I cant wait to see it, lol.

And I want to hear all about your dinner :-)

Samkay said...

lol yea, no buzz cut lol

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