January 27, 2009

My extreme dislike

Last year during build season, I was HAPPY to do homework and not work on the robot. And now that I'm forced to do my homework right now instead of work on the robot, I'm soooo upset!! Honors bio is not my favorite anymore. Oh, and I found out today that I only have to take one final =] I have to take my honors English 10 cuz I had a 92 first marking period and I have an 80 now. Yes, I know that's a C, Tonya and Denise. lol My mom knows too. Tho I'm not in any more trouble because of the C....Thank god. But, I will kick butt on my final, so it will all even out. =]


Tonya said...

Good luck on your final!

Denise said...

Good luck...Im sure you will do fine.

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